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Korea Semi Permanent Embroidery Full Course

(A-Z Theory knowledge teaching、Artificial skin practice 、100% Real model hands on practice )

———The scope of study ———
📌【Semi-permanent Theory Knowledge】
• Skin type analysis and different skin precautions
• The difference between tattoo and semi-permanent
• Semi-permanent precautions

• Skin structure knowledge
• Face basic proportion knowledge 
• Different face shape with eyebrow matching
• Eyebrows design practice 
• Healthcare and disinfection knowledge 
• Hand manual and machine method teaching
• Precautions of numb cream knowledge


📌【Exclusive Eye Brow】

• Microblading technique (6D hair-stroke effect)

• Ombre technique (Powdered mist effect)
• Combo technique 
• Practice on artificial skin 
• Eyebrow embroidery skill demonstration by our experienced lecturer
• Modify failure red or blue eyebrow technique
• Real model hands on practical by students

• Non peeling eyebrow embroidery technique 

📌【Eye Liner Embroidery】
• Eye structure explanation
• Different eye shape design 

• Practice on artificial skin 
• Skill demonstrated by lecturer
Real model hands on practical by students

• European Style Eyeliner exclusive by SE Bella Image

📌【Lip Embroidery】
• Lip structure explanation 
• Crystal lip design 

• Practice on artificial skin 
• Lip explanation and demonstration by lecturer
Real model hands on practical by students

📌【Exclusive Hairline Embroidery】
• Hairline explanation and precautions
• Hairline design 

• Practice on artificial skin 

Real model hands on practical by students

📌【Color Matching Learning】
• Eyebrow color pigment matching
• Lip color 
pigment matching

📌【Additional Business Tip Sharing】
• Negotiation skill and service explanation
• Network & Marketing Management
• Profile Photography skill



Who suitable for the course?

Anyone as long as you have the passion!

We teach from zero basis A-Z.

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