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The most popular beauty industry in 2021.
Semi-permanent Embroidery (Eyebrow, Eyeliner, Lip)

No high threshold
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[Eyebrow Embroidery Entry Class]
Online course

Our online course has helped 103 people discover their skills during this pandemic.

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Working from Home


🎖️ First Semi Permanent Embroidery Academy recognized by MTPN in Malaysia

🎖️ 2019 Awarded Consumer's Recommend Award by MTPN
(Majlis Tindakan Pengguna Negara)

🎖️ 2020 Selected for Top 10 KL & Selangor Eyebrow Embroidery Service by Tallypress
​ -Has served more than 1184 customers, 99% good reviews.


Lecturer Introduction


- Panel of Jury for 2019 IBE International Beauty Awards Contest


​ 🎖️ 2019 Awarded MTPN Golden Honor Awards 


- Trained more than 500 students from different

States & Countries

Eyebrow Artworks


Students' Artworks


Students' Reviews


It's never too late to learn a skill.

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[Eyebrow Embroidery Entry Class]

Online Course

What will you learn in these 10 lessons?

  • ​The market trend of Semi-permanent Embroidery

  • Introduction of Semi-permanent Embroidery

  • The benefits of Semi-permanent Embroidery

  • Who is suitable for Semi-permanent Embroidery?

  • Who is not recommended for Semi-permanent Embroidery?

  • The effect of Semi-permanent Embroidery

  • The difference between makeup and Semi-permanent Embroidery

  • The difference between tattoo and Semi-permanent Embroidery

  • Skin structure knowledge

  • Precautions for Semi-permanent Embroidery

  • After care of Semi-permanent Embroidery

  • ​Semi-permanent Embroidery operation process

  • Face basic ratio knowledge

  • 7 types of face shapes with different eyebrow shapes design teaching

  • Eyebrows types in market

  • Tips of drawing a nice and balanced eyebrows shape in 3 minutes 

  • The difference between good-looking and bad eyebrows ​

  • Eyebrows design practice​ (Homework)

  • Lecturer online demonstration tutorial

  • Online one-on-one Q&A guidance

Course suitable for zero basis, office ladies, housewives, someone who want to learn a skill. ​

[Eyebrow Embroidery Entry Class] ​

Teach with the simplest way

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Learn with our 10 years experience Lecturer

One on one online Q&A guidance

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As newbie is not enough experience & skill 

Save your penny, learn from a professional!

Come & join our 

Eyebrow Embroidery Online Entry Class

With this class,

You will know how to design a nice eyebrows.

If you can draw a nice eyebrows shape,

you definitely success 70% !

A stepping stone for you to move forward in this industry!

(*Students who register this online entry class will entitle a special discount for our offline eyebrow class)


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