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Be yourself. No one can say you're doing it wrong. - Charles M.Schulz -

I woke up one day and found the differences in my eyebrows. It looks stunning and sharp. Throughout the whole morning I was hype up while getting ready for work and ended up in misery because I was late. Is just too exciting to finally have a natural looking brows ( I was just kidding about the late for work part..HA!).


Now, what brows do you think I am talking about?


My dear readers, feeling curious too aren't you?


It is the all time Semi Permanent Eyebrow Embroidery service. It is absolutely and naturally original from your own brow hair. How amazing is that?

What is Semi Permanent Eyebrow Embroidery?

It is a tattoo soundalike service but is on your eyebrows. It comes in 6D Korean style which is also the latest trend around. While going through this procedure, each individual would likely to go under the thin-knife looking blade. It just only hurts like an ant bite. Besides, numb cream are provided and it got to take effect before your individual beautician can proceed in craving a perfect design for you.Next, features and proportions accuracy is a definite must because this is to determine your suitable eyebrows.

The overall after process takes about 5 days to a week for it to fade to the perfect tone. If you are out, get prepared for a million stares as during the start, your eyebrows will be looking thick and darker in color than usual. (kidding about the million but still, people do stare at something that stands out).

Drop the hoo-ha's and get a pair of natural stunning eyebrows too. It worth the time and savings in your pocket, Why not?


Service picture from SE Bella Image


Service picture from SE Bella Image

Lash Lift

Life is short...Your lashes shouldn't be.  - Anonymous -

Enhancing your lashes is as popular today as getting a gel manicure done.

Every women dream is to have a great figure and beautiful facial feature that stands out as part of their characteristic. Another way of putting it, we called it their charm. In today's trend, buying make up accessories are no longer a thing but getting it done at beauty centers are a major thing.

In our current millennium, beauty and getting stylish are consider a trend changing from time to time. How all this came about can be said as influence from social media and also the Korean waves also known as the Hallyu Korean Fever which started back in year 2002 till today. (It was really a strong wave there..haha) Alright, jokes aside.

And so, back to reality. The current trends on lashes are the Keratin Lash Lift. Keratin is basically a fibrous protein forming the main structural constituent of hair. And these keratin are used in the process of doing individuals lash lift. Don't be shocked because it looks Perfect! An outcome that is like a miracle. But in Lash Lift, you have to be clear with your choice as there are 2 types of lift.

Keratin Lash Lift

The Keratin Lash Lift that I have been mentioning which uses back individuals eyelash to extend is more of a natural look. Keratin Lash Lift  involves lifting the natural lashes up from the base, using a gently curved, silicone shield which gives the appearance of a longer lashes and open up the appearance of the whole eye.

Maintenance : Lash lifts require little maintenance which also includes the aftercare. These lifts ensures they’re the perfect solution for those with busy schedules. Tinting treatments can also be asked for alongside the lift, complementing individuals entire look and creating a shiny completion.

Benefits : Keratin nourishes and strengthen our lashes. The effect of it comes out sliding and head up which makes it look very natural. If you put on make up on a daily basis, you need not worry about this issue because Keratin Lash Lift can blend with other make up materials too such as eyeliner, mascara and etc.

Suitable for whom : This service is suitable for those who have very few lashes and would like to make it look darker and thick or people who experience loss of hair due to disease.

Lash Perm Lift

Lash Perm is used on those who have long lash and wants to make it short and curlier.While the Lash Perm which has been existed for sometime now are produced by twisting them around a cylinder rod so that they curl more tightly. The after effect will give u a curly C that makes it looks unnatural.

Maintenance : Lash Perm requires a protective aftercare which to avoid rubbing them or touching the eye area. Further, you will be asked to stay out of the sunlight, as this will make a perm fade more quickly. Your actions will determine how long your lashes stays active. The less makeup you apply to your permed eyelashes, the longer the perm will stay.

Con's : Lash Perm products are stronger in chemical hence it can easily damage our lashes.

Suitable for whom : This service is suitable for those with long lashes as it is convenient for the process too.

Eyelash extension

Eyelash extensions are dramatic and unnatural. It damages the original eyelash and it doesn't gives out the same effect as Keratin Lash Lift where you can still apply your daily make up. Besides, people finds it inconvenient and uncomfortable as it tends to sting a little if not attach properly or fall off if its not sticky enough.

Think no more. Keratin Lash Lift gives you the overall best effect. You can find almost every corner of the city these days . If not now, When?

Lash Lift.jpg

Lash Lift (Before&After)

Picture taken from Google for viewing purposes


Lash Perm

Picture taken from Google for viewing purposes


Eyelash Extension

Picture taken from Google for viewing purposes


Keratin Lash Lift (Before&After)

Service picture from SE Bella Image


Lip Embroidery

Soul meets Soul on Lover's Lips -Percy Bysshe Shelley -

Convenience is something everyone basically need in life due to busy schedules. In our trend today, we can see the changes made year by year and things are improving as it is, making convenient access to fulfill our daily demands. Not only food and beverage, even make-ups are convenient too.


Aren't you ladies tired of touching up lipstick or removing thick make-up after coming back from a long day at work?


What if there's a way where things don't have to be this difficult? (Your mind right now will be like, REALLY?) and here I am to tell you, YES, there is.


Besides, you ladies don't have to worry and rush out without any make-up either for work, college, hangout with buddies or who knows maybe a date with Mr.Right? ( wouldn't know how a sexy lip goes after embroidery ) It will be there as long you keep the track on the appointment slot for touch up or getting another session done with new colors.

How do you go through the process and its benefits?

Semi Permanent Lip Embroidery is actually a safer lip care compare to a lipstick. Why? Good to know why right, because our health is our priority. If we don't provide it with good care, who will? (Okay, back to the topic)

Well, the reason why lip embroidery is safer because pigments in lipsticks increase the lead level of your lips which can cause serious health issues such as a higher risk of Cancer. Lips Embroidery is a healthier option as it is done using bio-compatible chemicals, which means it is not harmful nor toxic to the human tissues. (Most of all it makes you look sexy everyday without touching up unlike lipstick which you need to care for every 2-3 hours a day when you're out)

The procedure is simple. All it takes is for the needle to do the work in providing treatment to enhance the shape and color of your lips, and provide them a suitable semi permanent lip color that suits their skin color tone so the after effect looks fitting and more symmetrical when compare in before and after pictures.

Everyone can benefit from this procedure. There's no restriction because everybody is looking to enhance their lip shape, filled with colors and most importantly bring the symmetry to their uneven lips.

The lip embroidery will last you for 1-2 years. Even a lipstick doesn't last 2-3 hours without fading and reapplying again.


       Say goodbye to those pale and uneven lips and say no more. Lip Embroidery is all you need.


Lip Embroidery

Service picture from SE Bella Image


Lip Embroidery

Service picture from SE Bella Image





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